What is Dark Relic


Dark Relic BadgeDark Relic is an MMORPG currently in development based loosely on a D&D game campaign called The 6th Aspect created by Sarah Miller in the mid 1980's. It takes place in a world called Neithus where magic rules the laws of nature and man. This is a land shaped and ruled by magic and prophesy.

What is Dark Relic?

Dark Relic is an MMORPG currently in development. The purpose of this game is bring back the old classic style of role play games into today's pc genre. Its concept is based on the D&D Campaign The 6th Aspect, created by Sarah Miller in the mid 1980's. Dark Relic: Prelude is the first of the Dark Relic series, an open world, story driven sandbox MMO.

Dark Relic takes place in a new and unique world called Neithus, where the lore is very loosely based off our own ancient cultures of the world, celebrating the diversity and uniqueness of each culture.

The nemesis in Neithus is an Empyrial being known as Baltison, whom appears as an elderly human wanting to help each of the five countries Regents in obtaining the power of the five Relics. Though this guise works on most people and none of the Regents are aware of his presence and influence in the opposing nations, there are those, a secret society that has not taken sides, but is aware of the evil that is filling their world as war breaks out.

Each of the five Regents, with Baltison whispering in their ear, are at war with each other, fighting over power and control of land and resources. Their main goal is to obtain enough of the Heartstone shards to recreate the other four Relics so they can hold the power of each one for themselves.

You, the player, chose what path you want to take, and how you will affect the world. You can stay neutral, stay loyal to your birthplace or abandon your homeland for another Regent. The path you take is your own, how you play is up to you.

Dark Relic Gameplay Premises and Intro

Neithus is a world of magical beings that were exiled to the Empyrial lands eons before the Elvin Separation, and before humans ever stepped foot on the land. Before the Elves separated and formed their own cultures in separate countries, some of the Empyrial beings returned to Neithus through a calling of the Gods. The Demi-Gods, children of the Mother Goddess Nalythia called them back to prepare for when humans would come to this land. One of these beings was a shapeshifter and soon became known to all races of the land as Baltison the Mage. No one knows his true name, nor what he truly is as he appears to all as an elderly human.

Baltison, knowing the prophecy of the gods, chose to go a separate path. And even though the other Empyrial races soon forgot the purpose of their return, he did not. Baltison knew of the Heartstone, a powerful crystal that resides in the heart of Majice and is the heart of all magic in a physical form. Baltison also knew of the five relics that would be created and desired that power for himself. Revenge for the eons of isolation in the Empyrial lands was only one of his motives. Madness was his prime motivation.

Many years ahead, the humans migrated to Neithus and spread out throughout the world. Years of battles and wars were fought until finally peace was found between the nations. Though this was only temporary. The generations of war and hatred lingered in the hearts of both man and beast. During this brief moment of peace, the Demi-gods created the five relics from the Heartstone and gave one to each Regent of the land. Sul created the Idol and gave it to Morbien. Tahn created the Staff for Tsumay. Lasete created the Rod, and gave that to Abyomon. Metztli created the Wand for Nagamo, and Varnas created the Dagger for Terrum. Each of the five Relics, forged from magic from the powerful Heartstone held a unique power to assist and help the Regent and their citizens of their country.

This is what Baltison was waiting for. He bided his time, befriended the Regents from each of the lands and whispered in their ears. They soon began to covet the power of the other Relics and war soon broke out once more between the nations. It was not a sudden war, but instead a slow brewing conflict. Old hatreds slowly rose to the surface, and the battle over the Relics had finally began. It started out slow, fighting over resources on Majice Isle. Resources both common and rare. The most sought after resource was the Heartstone shards that could be found only in Mount Majice itself. Conflict over land, outposts and resources spread throughout the world and across all countries.

Most of the people took sides with their Regent. A few moved to other lands to side with the ones they thought would be victorious or had the most riches to offer. Yet, they did not heed the warnings from old stories, believing them to only be myth and fairytales. The regents and their followers only had an ear for their new and powerful counsel, Baltison, It was unbeknown to the Regents that he was also offering council to their enemies at the same time. However, there were those that did stay neutral for they could not ignore the signs of this mysterious mage as they knew deep inside what it would mean if one Regent gained the power over all five Relics. They took note of the evil whispered actions of this man. They did not speak of him out loud to just anyone. Only to those who had sworn to their cause.

This is where your story begins. What path shall you take?


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