I was not sure if I should post this in the Server and Web updates or in the Community.This effects the small community we have right now, as well as the growing population we have. Because of the nature of the issue, Server and Web, I am thinking for reference later on, this may be the best place to put the news. On that bit of rambling...

Good news! All but one bug has been squashed! The profiles, registering, etc are all fixed! .. the one that is left is the forum issue itself.  Some of the updates have taken their toll on the scripts used for the forums. But fear not, this should be resolved in a few weeks. Going to build up from scratch to keep all your accounts and keep them secure!

Basically what happened was because of the HeartBleed bug, we decided to make sure everything was updated and secure. We updated everything from the ground server framework to the web software, and everything in between.


The test server went well. However, I did not make any new accounts, and the few that had, had no problems. It seems that about 30% of the members that created new accounts since the new updates went live on the web server, had gotten bugged during the registration process. As we tried to track down the bug, we found out there was more than just that one little thing. It went beyond just account permissions being bugged. In total there were five conflicts that were found. So between all the updates, and some legacy code that was left over from prior updates, the Forum and Account creation software did not like the new security updates.

The forums are a bit bare right now, there is no main template at this time. We are working hard at getting this back up, and hope to have it in a few weeks. Sometimes, security and legacy code removal is best in the long run.

A few of the new accounts that have been made since the updates may need to be recreated. Please dump/delete your cookies from your browser, log in and test the forum link. If you still cannot get there, send me a PM on the site (Odayin) and I will recreate your account for you.

Any other bugs, please feel free to let me know. I am more than happy to get them fixed asap.