reCaptcha 1It has been very quiet until recently. We love to have people join our community and partispiate on the forums and in the community, however, we have had an issue of spammers the last week. No one likes to visit a site's forum and see tons of ads for useless stuff we do not want or want to see.


Because of this rash of registrations from bots, spammers and plain old annoying people, we have included reCaptcha in the registration process. This is just one additional step to the registration and will help make the rest of a little happier. This means we should be able to focus more time on design and development of the game and site, instead of brining out the Ban Bat and deleting useless posts.reCaptcha 2

This is not a 100% guarantee that all spammers will be blocked, however, it does help. Though tech continues to improve, so do those that browse the web looking for those unsolicited clicks on their links. 


If you are having difficulty reading the captcha, you can select to refresh the image until you find what you can read. Here is an example to the right of how it works.

If you have any suggestions for us that can improve your experience here and help keep the site fresh and happy, please feel free to post up on our forums and let us know!