Friends ListDevelopment on the social system has begun. We want to make sure that everyone has at their fingertips, easy to access lists of friends, group, guildmates, and more. A social system is what we develop for all the social aspects of a game, including the User Interface and how it is displayed.

Most people think of a social system as just being friends or guildmates. However, with the robust system that is currently being developed, we will be able to give you so much more.

The core is almost finished, yet still has a lot of work to go. Since this is one of the primary system for Dark Relic, we are going to be very vigilent on creating a smooth, easy to use and intitive system. The social system will be tied into many of our systems and features in the game. So this is a very important part of our development.


This also includes the User Interface options that will be avalible for all social systems. Our goal is to develop an indepth yet easy system, along side an intuitive interface for you. The interface will be modular to match the rest of the User Interface, as well as being highly customizable.

Stay tuned in the new year for more information on the Dark Relic social system and new features it will have!

Parts of Dark Relic Social System:

  • Friends lists
  • Group members list
  • Guild Members
  • Guild Alliance Members
  • RA (Regent Allegiance)  guilds and members
  • Civics Faction
  • .. and more to be announced later!!