As many gamers know, SpeedTree is a toolset for developing and adding trees to games. The benifit to SpeedTree is that it is optimized just for trees and other flora, giving a nice performance boost to the game, as well as allowing us to do more- such as create forests.

Sago TreeThe move

We were using SpeedTree 4.2, though with the new updates, SpeedTree 6.2 gives us a lot more options, as well as more creativity. Being able to hand paint trees, design our own in a much beter environment and increase our workflow, is the best reason we can think of for this upgrade.


Cons can be Pros!

The down side is that we will have to redo most of our trees, which gives us added work.

However, this is one of those times that makes the end result so worth it. We will be able to give you higher resolution trees with out effecting performance, have more controle over our own custom trees, and be able to place more in game without much added overhead.