Abyomon TempleActive development of the game world, as the players see it, has begun!

Durring the next several months, we will be building the world, environments and all the other pritty things you see in a game. Though the graphic side of things is only a small portion of game development, we will be trying to put out news and images as often as possible. It is difficuult to show visualy what we have done programming and scripting wise, however, as we get more and more done, we can show you more of the world.

Abyomon is one of the five continents, and the one we will be starting with. Abyomon is mostly desert, though it is filled with much more than sand. Oasis dot the land, some larger than others. Tundras, valleys and much more. The variety in Abyomon is stunning, but still keeps to the same theme and climat, giving a rich region to explore.

Once we finish Abyomon, we will be moving over to Nagamo! Keep checking back for updates on Abyomon, and the rest of the world, in the News section as well as in the Galleries!