IdeaFabrik RenderIdeaFabrik has releaced the HeroEngine2 beta on the test servers last week, and we have been testing out the new features. This will continue untill they bring the new updates to the server live. Then we will examin the changes that will either need to be made or ones we will want to make based on the improvements of the engine.

One of the changes we are looking forward to is the new HDR that HeroEngine has. It seems packed full of options and the new toolset is easy to create our own environment schemes. Keep checking back in the News section and in our gallery for updates to the game and the environment schemes we have done.



Some features of HeroEngine 2 (1.80 update)

  • HDR added to the engine
  • More Environment options avalinle
  • Custom Shaders
  • Improved Shadows
  • and much more!