UI ExampleDevelopment of the first basic User Interface had begun a few days ago. We are looking to develope a Player UI that is easy to find everything, minimal and even customizable. The start of the development is just basic design: colours, spacing and size. We expect the development and the design to improve over the course of the game development process with help from not only our tallented artists, but also from the community as well. Community input is very important to us, as it is the UI that you, the player will be using.

Aiming for a high quality, yet customizable User Interface can be challenging. However, with the small but tallented team we have, we know we can bring you the best high quiality User Interface possible. To achive this, we are not only focusing on the graphics, but also how well the UI runs in game. You will have not only a customizable UI, but one that is fast, responcive and as little overhead as possible to keep your game experience as fun and seamless as possibl.

Some of our goals are a bit lofty, however, through testing, we know that we can achive the design, look and feel of the User Interface that fits the game Dark Relic. Some of the features you will be able to find are as follows:

Basic Features

  • Medium colours to be easy on the eyes
  • Modular design for easy customizations
  • Standard and Mini windows/buttons as an option
  • Ability to save UI layouts based on character, not account
  • Ability to resize just one window or all of them if you want
  • And eventualy, Ability to add your own custom UI