Test oneWe are happy to announce that we have begun the testing phase for development. What does this mean? It means that we are starting to develop and test our world design and core systems. This will help us figure out what we need, what we can and cannot do, as well as work on areas that need more testing. Having a testing phase will help us create a better and more full game world for you.

Though we will continue to test what we develop, gaining a good baseline of what our limitations are and are not will help the active development process later on be more optimized and proceed a lot faster. Right now are are focused on a veriety of development areas: from world building, terrain types and sizes, area and region sizes, script capabilities, particle effects and much more.


You can watch our development process through our gallery in the Develpment Gallery. Though some are very basic and rough, we hope you can see the progress we are making. We also welcome any thoughts, ideas an sugestions from you, the gamer, on our forum!


Here are just a very few images of what we have tested so far.