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As desgn, testing and development continues, we have a few trees we have created using Speedtree 4.1. Though the start of them are basic, we hope to continue to build rich and even some unique trees and plants for the world of Neithus. The world of Neithus will have a veriety of flora around the world depending on the continent and the climate. The flora and trees range from pines and evergreens to cacti and viney shrubs.

Nagamo and Abyomon will be the first continents to be developed, therefor we are starting with the plants and trees that will be growing in those contients.

Nagamo TreesNagamo Flora

Nagamo is a forested region that has plots of swamps throughout the continent.

The flora varies in Nagamo, though it all has a simular feel. From giant trees to broadleaf bushes, to trees and plants that resemble those from a jungle. No matter the region of Nagamo, each plant is has a bright lush look about it. We hope the flora give you, the player that feeling of being in a deep forest, a swampy plane or even deep inside a jungle.


Abyomon TreesAbyomon Flora

Abyomon is mostly desert. Though most think a desert is barren, there is actualy a lot of life hidden throughout.

We have the more traditional deserts of not much more than sand and rocks, but you can find much more in Abyomon. Platues flowing with live to the south, Rocky platues to the north, lush oasis' scattered throughout, and even a rock forest.


Development shots

Here are some development shots of trees being made for Dark Relic from all continents, with an inside look at Speedtree 4 and in engine:



Friends List

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neithus-abyomon map

A sneak peek at Neithus

November 11, 2013 Game Updates
Welcome to the first view of the world of Neithus and the lands of Abyomon, the desert region of our world. Some think of deserts as being completely devoid of life, but that is not the case if you know where to look. The terrain of Abyomon ranges from…
Abyomon Temple

Active Development Begins

December 30, 2012 Game Updates
Active development of the game world, as the players see it, has begun! Durring the next several months, we will be building the world, environments and all the other pritty things you see in a game. Though the graphic side of things is only a small portion…
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