neithus-abyomon map

    Welcome to the first view of the world of Neithus and the lands of Abyomon, the desert region of our world.  Some think of deserts as being completely devoid of life, but that is not the case if you know where to look. The terrain of Abyomon ranges from fertile lands to true desert, displaying not only rich colours of sands, but also the lush greens of plant life. To the south is a higher plateau over looking the Abyomon Badlands to it's north, the southern ocean and the city of Kaliq-nur in the west.

    To the East you'll notice a small bay where the capital city of Khai Malik stands, all roads lead to this central trading hub of Abyomon. The cities of Kuintari, Mishtar, and Khetti being the racial capitals of the lands of Abyomon. Smaller villiages dot the trade routes where ever an Oasis could be found.  Ancient cities and outposts dot the land as time moves on leaving behind the skeletons of civilation where only the brave or fool hardy dare walk.


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