Website GlobalWelcome to Dark Relic! At least that is how we hope you feel when coming to our site. We have done a lot of updates from security to features over the last month. With more features coming as we progress along the development of the game, Dark Relic, we really hope that you find what you want and need.

Besides the bug fixes and security udpates over the last month, we have added in some nice features that were testing over the last 60 days. As many of you may have noticed the Community section of the site has filled out with a few more features. Some of these we still need to link up to the front Community page, but they are coming! Features in right now are as follows:


    Profile features:
        1) register either with a new account or link it to your facebook
        2) Chose your login method (email or user name) for your own level of privacy
        3) Select and install a number of aps to customize your profile
        4) Choose your privacy level for your profile aps
        5) access your profile menu from any page anywhere on the site
        6) private message system available through out the site from the Player Network (community)
        7) Notifications on all pages for social announcements, friends and private messages
    Website features:
        1) Front page: View news and updates in grid or list form
        2) Front Page: view most recent forum topics
        3) Front Page: view most recent dev blogs
        4) Live search feature on all pages, to search for news, images, forum posts and more.
        5) public and private forums to share ideas, thoughts and suggestions.
        6) Guild and alliance forums to announce your guild or alliance, share events and pictures.
    Player Network (community):
        1) Customize your profile
        2) personalized privacy settings
        3) customized image galleries
        4) share and like photos, images and videos
        5) Create your own groups for your guild and or alliance

    Upcoming updates:
        1) Improved menu system for the Community Page
        2) More options on the sidebar for ease of access
        3) Custom Profiles
        4) Shared Avatar- Set it in your profile it will carry over to the forums.
        5) Post or post count in your profile


We have more planned for the future that relate to both the social network as well as the game. A few things that we will be adding in over the next few months is listed below. If you can think of anything that you would like to see, feel free to post on the forum under "The Official Website Feature Request Thread".

Thank you!

May 01, 2015 Community
Thank You! We want to express my appreciation for your generosity in support of Dark Relic. Your personal commitment is incredibly helpful and allowed us to reach our goal and continue development. Your support and assistance means so much to us and helps us…
Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays 2014

December 24, 2014 Community
Everyone here at Triad Game Studios (TGS) would like to wish all of you a very happy and safe Holiday. The year is almost over, and we are entering our 4th year. We realize this milestone was made possible by the support of members, friends, and associates…
Icon Surprise

Something New Coming...

November 07, 2014 Community
The last two months we have been working on something special. Though we are not ready to announce what it is just yet, we do want everyone to know that we have not forgotten about you, nor is Dark Relic dead. Far From it. This is only going to help us…
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