Halt!Sometimes, things do not work out as we plan. This is the case for our Kickstarter Campaign. We had planned on going live the first week of September. However, things seemed to have changed with IdeaFabrik and their rules. A few days before we were going to go live, we got news that we coud not use the character placeholders for our videos.  Change can be good, though sometimes a bit frustrating.

One of the purposes of us using Kickstarter was to be able to hire a quality rigger and animator to give our characters life! This will still be a goal for us, which will be benificial to us as developers and you as the gamer. So fear not, custom characters will be coming soon. Though we may end up using placeholders of our own until we can hire a talented Rigger/Animator.

This does give us a chance to work on optimizations in Abymon, and throughout the world. Which is what we are doing now. Once we get far enough along or have our own custom placeholder models in place, we will announce the plan for Kickstarter.

Some things we are working on durring this period:

  • Graphic optimizations
  • Finalizing styles of the architecture
  • Adding in more flora and trees
  • Polishing the areas we have done already
  • Move to adjasent areas for development