Triad Game Studios is proud to announce our first official Press Release. We have released information to the HeroEngine community and have officially started our Grassroots campaign. Below is our release to HeroEngine.

Dark Relic logoWe would like to take this time to lightly introduce our game, Dark Relic: Prelude, a MMORPG that is loosely based on a D&D Campaign titled, “The 6th Aspect”. Prelude is just the beginning of the Dark Relic Series that our studio will be developing. Our team is comprised with leading talent from all aspects of multimedia to bring you a unique experience that blends the classic RPG tabletop with today's MMO's.

Prelude takes place in the world of Neithus, where the mysteries of magic & evil have surfaced from the Relics of Majice created by the Demi-Gods during the peace era. These Relics have influenced fear back into the minds of each of the five Regents in Neithus and driven them back to war with each other to obtain the power foretold by the Legend of Relics.

As with every MMORPG, we will feature all of the basic mechanics with a high level structure to each element. These systems include but are not limited to; Skill Trees, Crafting, Gathering, Mounts, Achievements and other unique and well known features.  As development continues we will release more details of these elements.
Beginning your journey in Neithus you are a general adventurer. You do not select your class or profession in the character creator, but instead in game; interacting with other players and NPC's. This is your apprenticeship. You will be able to experiment with skills at respective class guilds before choosing a class path to follow. Once you have selected your class, you will continue your training though various methods before being adopted into the guild with your own, newly chosen profession through play and experience. 
Level progression is at your pace and combines both skills and abilities for you to use, experiment and improve upon as you take your journey through the world of Neithus in Dark Relic. Sticking to the classic style of the RPG, yet blending the experience with today's modern MMO, we have expanded your skills to allow customization to your skill tree.
Dark Relic: Prelude combines character leveling with increasing skills and abilities to provide players with more character depth. Sticking to the classic style of the RPG, yet blending the experience with today's modern MMO, players will also be able to play at their own pace without being forced to maximize their character before they can truly enjoy the game. You choose the path you want for your class that fits your play style, not the game selecting it for you.

The Game Play Functionality is really our biggest focus, to give the player the ability to customize their game play experience in every detail possible. This will include mechanics that range from Customizable Housing & Guild Halls to the color dyes in their equipment to truly give that unique personalization for each player and guild. Each player will have the ability to customize their homes and/or Guild Halls with storage units, furniture, decorations and with a level of security permissions.

Guild Mechanics are a key feature within Dark Relic. We strive to provide the Guild Masters & Leaders with the ability to control every aspect possible for their Guild, allowing personalized customizations to permissions and settings. On top of that, we are redefining the purpose of having a Guild. No longer is the focus simply about individual level and end game progression, but instead will be on tasks and goals while delivering different avenues for Guilds of all sizes to partake in, also allowing multiple guilds to form formal alliances.

TGS LogoTriad Game Studios is an Indie company made up of a group of extremely talented personnel that have over 15 years experience in the game industry, with our main focus to deliver a fun, outstanding and polished MMORPG to the community. We are merging all of our past experiences with new techniques that give a truly unique gaming experience. With our combined experience and marketing strategies we will bring together the concepts of classic RPG with modern game play.

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