GrassRootsAs of today we are happy to announce that we will be starting our grassroots campaign. Campaigns like these usually start out with a small localized community, with the intent to grow. This means that information will start flowing and we will do our best to keep you, the community, engaged and involved in the development of Dark Relic.


A growing community is not just for the sake of us developers, but also for you as players and supporters. Our greatest hope is to see a great but tight-knit community emerge around Dark Relic, with passionate and involved members. This however is not something we can do alone. We are therefore coming to you, our supporters. We need your help to spread the word. Be our pillars of support so we can bring the best possible experience to all of you.


The only thing we ask of you is to spread the word of our existence and to try to engage players, like yourself, to get involved within the world of Neithus. Some appreciative ways to contribute would be to like and share our facebook, follow us on twitter and share the knowledge about darkrelic.com. In return we will make the wait for the release a little less painful by giving you a lot of tasteful sneak peeks and other exciting content.