Dark Relic and Triad Game Studios, LLC.  has become a card carrying member of Facebook, the extremely popular social networking site that allows people to reconnect with old friends, network with new friends, and a whole lot more.  Why?  Who knows!  The important thing is that all the cool kids are doing it. So, if you’re on Facebook, please take a moment to “Like” our pages below.

This will be a great place for all of our fans and our new gamers alike to stay informed of all the newest tid bits, such as galleries, new music and more.

We will be posting up links to our news, galleries (Images, screenshots, movies and music), and events here with links back to our site for more information.


Are you a Facebook user? Why or why not? Let us know what you think of Facebook in the comments below!

If you are a Facebook user and have an account here at Dark Relic, you can like images, news articles and music and share them with your friends on Facebook. It is as easy as a single click! Look for the Facebook Icon on our pages.

So cheers to all of our fellow gamers new and old.  And remember, please press the like button and help spread the word!


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