loreWe are pleased to announce that we have our new Dark Relic Lore section up and running. There are a few stories that you may have seen, however our writers have been hard at work. We now have all current stories that you can see back from the copyright office.


We are very excited to start showing off some of the work our talented team members have done.

A lot of these stories will be integrated into the lore of the world in game. There will be a lot more that will not be published until after the game has gone live and players find the books inside the game.


Yes, there will be actual books that you can find, buy, read and collect. Ever want a real library in game in your own house? Well, eventually you will be able to.

There will be many more stories coming your way in the near future. Keep checking back for more stories and lore from around the world of Neithus and Dark Relic.


You can view the stories in their relative categories HERE.