east westTGS is very happy to announce that we have obtained a license for East West Quantum Leap Composers Collection. What does this mean to you? This collection has over 300gigabytes of Orchestra Percussion kits and even more VST's.

We now have over 1 Terabyte of new INSTRUMENTS!! I repeat INSTRUMENTS!!

We have ethnic instruments from every continent of the world.
We have a word builder choir.
We have soloist vocal instruments.
We have guitar/drum kits.
We have 300gigabytes of Orchestra Percussion kits.
We have every orchestra instrument possible and in several different formats.

VST's (Virtual Studio Technology) are used in most digital composition software, it is the sound of the instruments that you hear in most music. These are digital recordings of actual instruments done in a studio that allow digital manipulation to create our own music.

With the talent of Jesse Valentine, we are very happy to bring you the best offered music and sound experience in and out of game.

Please check out our Samples on the front page, or on our Dark Relic site HERE for in game music samples.


About VST's and EastWest

There are three types of VST plugin.

VST instruments generate audio. They are generally either virtual synthesizers or samplers. Some, such as Native Instruments' Pro-53, specifically recreate the look and sound of famous synthesizers from years past (in this case, the Prophet-5).

VST effects, such as reverb and phaser effects, process audio input. Other monitoring effects provide visual feedback of the input signal without processing the audio. Most hosts allow multiple effects to be chained.

VST MIDI effects process MIDI messages prior to routing the MIDI data to other VST instruments or hardware devices; for example, to transpose or create arpeggios.