Triad Game Studios, LLC., a developer of online interactive entertainment software, announced that it has licensed the Esenthel Engine for our demo and single player game currently in development. We are a newly founded studio that has assembled a small yet impressive team of industry professionals and this agreement supports their commitment to deliver next generation graphics and game play to the MO and MMORPG genre.


“After much research and testing, we chose the strongest toolset available to begin our new project”, says Sarrene' Grant. “Esenthel technology will allow our team to rapidly implement new game play elements and deliver stunning high resolution content.”

About Triad Game Studios
Triad Game Studios, llc. was established in 2009 to create an exceptional and unique online experience that will last months and is located just outside of Birmingham, Alabama. For more information, visit triadgames.com.

About Esenthel Engine
Esenthel Engine is a complete game development suit allowing to create fully featured AAA titles.

It has been specifically designed for professional game development, which has been achieved by giving the developers full control over the game code mechanics, next generation graphics and a rich toolset drastically simplifying the game development process.

While mainly targeted for the professional market, the engine is easy enough that it can also be used by independent teams or small companies with no prior game development experience.