heroengineTriad Game Studios is proud to announce that we have licensed the HeroEngine for the upcoming game Dark Relic. This is our second engine deal and will provide a well rounded MMORPG for players to experience the most they can in any game.


About the HeroEngine

HeroEngine was created by Simutronics Corp. because there were no existing technologies to support our unique style of realtime collaborative development for MMO games. They originally created this process for their text-based MMO games back in the 1980s and 1990s leading to huge success with GemStone and DragonRealms, games that hugely influenced the MMO world. They also license their technology to BioWare, ZeniMax Online, and many other companies worldwide.

Use of the HeroEngine will greatly improve our productivity and creativity through the use of real time updates both durring development and after releace. With a wide range of tools that wil not only speed up development but also offer us more up to date toolsets, Dark Relic will become even more fun and engaging for everyone.