treeSpeedTree has been acquired through HeroEngine and we are currently working on some new trees to add to the game. So we are now working hard on creating some beautiful life like trees that will help bring the world of Neithus alive.

SpeedTree is an extremely useful program developed by IDV and provided by IF, (Interactive Data Visualization, Inc) that allows us to use customized trees in game that load faster then the traditional 3d models. With lower polys and billboards, this will allow us to create a full lush world and not have a huge impact on the players performance.

How does SpeedTree work? SpeedTree generates trees and foliage for real time rendering and animations, including wind. Here are a few samples of what we have already created! For more updates on our progress developing the trees of Neithus through 3ds max and SpeedTree, keep up to date at Dark Relic.