Icon SurpriseThe last two months we have been working on something special. Though we are not ready to announce what it is just yet, we do want everyone to know that we have not forgotten about you, nor is Dark Relic dead. Far From it. This is only going to help us develop a more efficient and enjoyable game and a little extra Thank You for those that have and will support us.


There are three of us are working on this special project using Unreal Engine, for you, our loyal fans. We do want to let you know that while we are working on this, Dark Relic is temporarily on hold for a few of us. Though as a team, we are still focused on development for Dark Relic and some nice new shiny features. This special project is being worked on so we can make Dark Relic even better through practice


We plan to announce what we have been working on in mid December. So keep watching for updates and sneak peeks over on our Facebook page found here: Dark Relic Facebook