Illustration CrystalGreetings!
Once again, quite a while since the last update, sorry about that. Most of the work has been technical, which means not much pretty stuff to show off, but that shouldn't be an excuse! We will make sure to get these dev blogs published far more frequently


Obviously, most of development is base gameplay framework, which means nothing too fancy. Base systems for the most part. As mentioned in a past update, we transitioned over to Unreal Engine 4, and whilst art and appearances haven't quite yet caught up, the current base frameworks are able to support actual RPG gameplay, just a couple of areas worked on since our last blog update:

    -Equipping and Unequipping
        -Weapons (Dual wielding too)
        -Creating groups
        -Joining and leaving a group
    -Chat framework
        -Weapon stat modifiers
        -Dual wielding
        -OP goblins

        -Level progression
    -Quests and Dialogue
        -Dialogue trees
        -Quest basics

        -Skill bar
        -Name bar and health bar
        -Chat, parties

Long story short, anything that you see in an RPG, is being worked on. Getting these base systems is essential, and getting them done right even more so, so that we can build off of them to create more exciting content.

Developer Tools:

Creating a huge game, regardless of how good the engine is, always means that custom tools should be made, tools specific to your project to help the artists/designers/world builders/etc. develop the game with ease. This is an overlooked aspect since, well these tools are never heard of upon release, but they do help the developers. The more robust the tools are, the more assurance there is that the creative deparment will create the best content possible.

Currently, asides from adding custom windows to the UE4 editor(Which proved to be slightly tougher than anticipated), we are working on an NPC tool that will serve to easily display, and alter the details of all world NPC's, be it name, gender, race, quests involved with, and so on and so forth.


That's the gist of what's being worked on...everything! Thanks for the continued support, and till next time
-Team TGS