book 01Greetings!
It has been a while since our last update, and we apologise for that! We have been hard at work, but most of what we have been doing are backend things, which, to be honest, aren’t too exciting. A lot of the work has been focused on the server and other core systems, which, are coming together nicely. Either way, you asked for an update, so here it is!

Server Systems
Currently, the Programming team is working on getting development servers up and running with most of the basic systems. Once we have the dev-server up and running, we will actually have the ability to log-in outside of the editor, which enables the ability to test the basic systems in an environment closer to what the final product would look like.

The past couple of weeks have gone to working on getting the database and server talking to each other, as well as implementing all of our base systems from blueprints into code. This doesn’t provide much visually but does give us a solid base to work with for the rest of the project. Which means that, once the server is up, we are able to import our assets into a shared world. This will greatly enhance our world building process, and hopefully, we will be able to share our progress a lot more regularly.

Character Creation
One of the things we have worked on, in conjunction with the server, is the character creation. As of now, it is very simple, and not in the least bit beautiful, but we have been able to implement the core functions such as; changing gender/race, changing other cosmetics (hair, clothes, ears) and setting the desired body-type/scale. Most of these models are placeholders and/or early concepts, but they are there for testing anyways. The UI is very simplistic and is mostly grey boxes with text.

World Building
The past month has gone to the development of Salus Island, which is the starter zone for Abyomon and Nagamo. This island will serve to introduce the player to the game, by learning how quests, combat, professions, classes (etc.) works, and how the player interacts with the game.

Early concept of Salus Island.
In terms of writing, we have been focusing on two things, an archive system and developing the early history of Neithus. Now, the archive system is a lot like a wiki, it consists of lots, and lots, of entries on characters, regions, history, in-game artifacts and so on. As of now the archive is made up of 115 or so entries, and it is growing every day. The main purpose of this archive is to help organize all the lore that goes into an MMO. It also makes cooperation between writers, artists, level designers, and so on, a lot easier, and makes it a less painful affair when we have new people join the team.

In terms of producing content, we are well underway in forging the history of Neithus, before the present era. We are somewhat reluctant to post any actual information regarding this, mostly because it is still in an early state, and things are bound to change. We do however have some images of work-in-progress which Stian has been working on. However, we want to stress that these images are early concepts and are drawn by Stian, which, to be honest, isn’t exactly the best artist - to put it mildly. It is also worth noting that nothing of this is confirmed! We are still in an early phase of sketching this out, which means some things will be scrapped, and others modified.

(none of these images will be used, but serve as concepts for the real artists)

The crystal at the top of the page is meant to appear in one of Neithus’ many in-game texts. This one, specifically, is for a journal (travel log), written by Nagaleth. Nagaleth is the first Elf to journey outside of Nagamo. The journal is his documentation on his expedition north to, what is now known as, Terrum. In the image, Nagaleth made a sketch of a new mineral, he found, which can store energy. The mineral is conjured into wood.

Scarab.pngThe picture to the left is for another in-game text, this time from one of Abyomon’s biologists and pharmacist's, Nahar Ahnar. The picture depicts the Nihaya-Scarab, a poisonous critter found in a special region of Abyomon.

These two images are the very first concepts of a region called Dovre Valley, and the dungeon Hall of the Mountain King. A lot of the inspiration for this region stems from Scandinavian folklore, and stories such as Peer Gynt, and the music of Edvard Grieg. This has, for an extended period, been Stian’s passion-project - god knows why...

That's what we had for you this time, folks! We hope that you enjoyed this update and will continue to support us onwards in the development, and we thank you for your patience!
-Team TGS