Stay awhile and listen....

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Stay awhile and listen....

Post#1 » 25 Jun, '15 8:26 AM

Ha! I just had to title it that way. Since my brothers love hearing me say it just like the Great Deckard Cain.

Anyways it's been a while so I figured I'd just drop by and say hello to everyone again! :) Really love the new forum setup. Looks so pretty now, great work whoever's behind the website maintenance stuff. Sarrene maybe? Hehehe. I'm also using Chrome and it's working wonderfully. I was having a little issues previously on Chrome, but now's all good.

I'm really liking the image releases shared on your Facebook page, Sarrene. Truly amazing work put in to making something so marvelous looking. I wish I was in a position to throw you's some money to help fund this great project. Perhaps I will be able to help out down the road. It's looking really great though. Love the work! I have a feeling this project is going to rival top name company releases. ;)

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Re: Stay awhile and listen....

Post#2 » 26 Jun, '15 1:00 PM

Ye, Sar has done alot of progress with this site ^^. Unfortunately we haven't used this reworked site much since all the work that's been done isn't in a state to be displayed to the public just yet (at least she was able to get some sneak peaks!)

Also, thanks for the hopes and wishes for the future :), even If i haven't been here as long, I've heard of all the troubles Sar and the team has gone through and I just wish I can help here and there to help get Dark Relic and TGS to a state that it deserves.
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