An interesting article about AI

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An interesting article about AI

Post#1 » 04 Feb, '15 1:43 PM

I was given this rather long, but very interesting take on AI and the advancements towards it. Feel free to read, or just browse through. What do you think? It is a rather deep subject. So be as deep or have as much fun as you would like with the article information.

The AI Revolution: Our Immortality or Extinction

One point that caught my interest was a quote here:
"It is hard to think of any problem that a superintelligence could not either solve or at least help us solve. Disease, poverty, environmental destruction, unnecessary suffering of all kinds: "

My thoughts: I do not think that any form of technology can help solve the problem of the "Human Condition". This means that no mater how advanced we get with out our technology and AI of any type, will solve the problem of Human greed, hatred and chosen ignorance. This is a problem we, as a species, must over come our selves.

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