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start playing

Posted: 01 Jan, '16 6:48 PM
i was registradet to play this game. but how do i start playing it. i dont find it. is it a game or only a forum for a game not existing [-( }:-( O.o

Re: start playing

Posted: 02 Jan, '16 9:36 AM
by Odayin
Hello and good day to you. Happy New Years!
Dark Relic Prelude and Dark Relic Requiem is currently in development. It has not been released yet. We still have several months yet before a private beta is ready. We are looking at about 16 more months (hopefully) of development for a public alpha/beta for Dark Relic Prelude.

Thank you for your interest though! What attracted you to our game?
Hopefully we can start putting out more updates soon. Though most of the work being done right now is programming, and sadly, not a lot we can actuality show. Most people think code is boring. ;)

We look forward to your input. Games you played, your wish list for Dark Relic, etc.