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Player View

Post#1 » 17 Aug, '15 8:56 PM

Player View is a huge factor when people are looking at a game. Will this be a First Person, Over The Shoulder, Tight 3rd, or 3rd or to your choosing. I myself always look for a First Person game if not a Tight 3rd. Makes it feel more like you are in the action and that you are your avatar. But I can see arguments against and for all different versions.

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Re: Player View

Post#2 » 21 Aug, '15 11:05 PM

Hi there, sorry for late reply;

Id rather not say much, but we're still not finished with gameplay mechanics, so It'd be best to finalize camera control after we have a concrete idea on how these gameplay mechanics will play out, and create a camera system that smoothly cooperates with it

Feel free to ask any more questions!
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