Weird Forums? (and updates)

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Weird Forums? (and updates)

Post#1 » 24 Apr, '14 10:57 AM

Due to some bugs caused during our updates, the forums became inaccessible for a lot of users. As I worked to remove legacy code that was conflicting with the updates, while still keeping security in mind, things began to get sorted and fixed.

Now all seems to be working. However, the forums are in a stand alone mode right now. We still need to work out some issues with our integration to make sure everything works properly and you keep your information secure. I have been working with Blogo, whom is a genius at this, and I have faith that we should have the forums back up and running as they should be in the next few weeks.

    You may have seen some of the issues that were caused were the following:
    Account creation was directing you back to "You must login first"
    Forum link giving some users "Too many redirects"
    Forum link giving some users "Page not found or no permissions"
    Forum itself was giving some users "There are no forums on this board"

All of these issues were related to account types. Because of the security updates, some accounts got corrupted. For the most part, we were able to fix these issues and keep everything secure. However, a few accounts that may have been created after the updates and before the fixes this past week, may need to be recreated. If your account needs to be recreated, please send me a PM with the relevant information:

    Current or old Account name (So i can delete the corrupted one)
    First Name
    Last Name
    Account user name
    Valid Email Address
    Your original Registration date

I will assign you a temporary password and you will receive an email once that is done. Please make sure you change your password. And do NOT send me the pass you want. I do not want to know it. A temp pass will be generated and sent to you. So make sure you change it as soon as you log in please.

If there are any other issues that you may find, please let us know! My main goal is to provide a fun, easy and seamless experience both on our site and in game. Your input is invaluable to me and all of us here at TGS.

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