Development Announcement #1

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Development Announcement #1

Post#1 » 25 Aug, '15 6:15 AM

Hello, everyone!

We just posted our first devblog in quite some time. Feel free to use this thread to discuss or give us your feedback!

Greetings, Neithusians!

It has been a while since the last time we posted a development blog, and many have wondered about the state of the project. We apologize for the secrecy, but can assure you that we are still working as hard as we can. The last 9 months has been very busy for us, but we feel that we are now able to shed some light on what we have been working on.

There has been a 'little bit' of a change, and by that I mean some very large adjustments to structure and the project overall. Up until roughly 9 months ago we were developing Dark Relic on Hero Engine, but as development continued we had a look around at other options, Hero Engine had some great networking tools which allowed us to build elements we wanted to, however it's now beginning to show it's age in many other areas.

After looking around at different engines that might fit our needs, we decided to do a few tests with Unreal Engine 4. These tests lead us to make a mini-project, a project we posted a few sneak peaks from at the end of last year. The purpose of this project was for us to figure out what we could do with the engine, and how long it would take us. The mini-project became a solid reasoning for us to want to switch engines for Dark Relic. It had all the features we required to make the systems we had planned, and it had the tools to make our workflow a lot more efficient. At the same time, the engine is able to give us the newest generation of graphics, which was something we felt we lacked in Hero Engine.

A number of systems are now in a prototyped state. They are by no means ready, but in the last few months most of our previous work from Hero Engine has been recreated. So far, we have implemented very basic combat, very basic inventory, the dialogue system has been started, and the framework for quests are in its basic state. Overall we are probably at about the same progression stage as we were in Hero Engine.

Switching engine has been a setback in the short run, originally we would’ve been well into our Kickstarter and would have had a lot more content to show you. However, now that we are working in Unreal Engine, we have seen our workflow become tremendously more efficient. We might have lost some months, but we have saved years of development in the future.

We wish to send out a thanks to you, the community, and hope you have a pleasant experience here with us.
-Team TGS

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Re: Development Announcement #1

Post#2 » 26 Aug, '15 10:54 PM

Very happy to see an announcement. The move from HE to UE4 should allow for some impressive changes. I assume with the change certain aspects needed to be rethought and I look forward to discussing the changes with you.

My first question will be, is it still an open world MMO? I know this will be a much more time consuming process without the back-end that HE provided (the one good thing HE has).



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Re: Development Announcement #1

Post#3 » 27 Aug, '15 2:48 AM

In answer to the question, yes we are still open world, very little design of the game itself has changed.

Without getting in to the real nitty gritty, I would say there are 2 big differences from using HE, with HE we had collaborative world building, but we are such a small team that it never really had huge benefits at this point. The other advantage is networking and database is all built in 'ready to use'.

With UE4, the networking is still all there, some really powerful stuff, it's just not set up for MMOs right away. We have to manipulate it to the method we want to use, put in databases and so forth, a bit of extra time. However in most other areas we are able to use more advanced techniques including their streaming methods.

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