The races of Neithus are as diverse as the lands which they hail from. Each race has its own strengths and weaknesses, and you have the ability to choose the race of your character when you create it at the beginning of the game.

There are four different types of race, each continent within Neithus has an assortment of them:

Humanoid: The humanoid races are found in every land and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Depending on the lands from which they hail they can be dark skinned and light of frame or heavily muscled and fair of hair and skin. It is a race that thrives on challenging itself in all that it attempts. The humanoid races comprise of their own species and half races.

Elven: Tall and beautiful the Elven races believe they are the first creation and perfect in all aspects even above the other Elven nations. Each Elf seeks perfection with their environment, some through changing the land to suit his/her purpose or striving to live with the land and its own chaotic beauty.

Empyreal: These are the races of magic and mystery. Born of magic and element the Empyreal have an unsurpassed skill working with elements both magically and physically. Each of the Empyreal nations has its own history of Neithus and how the nations came to be.

Beast: And the gods smiled down upon their lands given to them by the Sleeping Goddess and blessed chosen beasts with intelligence to rise above their brethren. The beast races maintained their strength while gaining intelligence to develop their own civilization.

Under Development

Not all races will be playable, but currently in development is the continent of Abyomon, which contains these races:

Sudasi-sil: Also known as Sun Elves these are the elven race of Abyomon. They have golden yellow to golden brown skin and hair ranging from gold yellow to golden red, which is kept short, bald or in locks. They are of the same height as typical humans though lighter in build. Their clothing tends to be loose fitting light weight cotton or silk and often semi transparent.

Moore: A dark skinned elven race. Typically shorter then Sudasi-Sil, but darker skinned, while retaining the pointy ears and almond shaped eyes and pupils, allowing them to see quite well in the dark. Their hair tends to keep up in spikes or mohawks decorated with stones or combs. Clothing tends to be made of light weight leather and cotton, generally in earthy tones and decorated on the cuffs and hems.

Mau: The Mau are a cat like race that range from lion to panther depending on where on the continent they are from. Those from the oasis area are more panther-like, while those from the desert are more like a lion. Their faces are almost identical in shape, the colour of their fur and their manes vary. Taller than the average human, Mau are also stronger and agility is their most dominant trait. Their manes are hair, which vary from bald fur, up to the full thickness of a Lions, some shorter manes can be mistaken for a humans beard. Their eyes are golden to green, cat shaped and glow in dim light. Mau wear light clothing due to the heat of the continent, this is usually made of light weight cotton to light weight leather. They tend to have metal beads dangle from their mane hair and their clothing.