Classes of Neithus


Classes of Neithus

Neithus is made up of a enormous array of characters and personalities, however each of them belong to a Profession of some sort.  There are four base Classes within Neithus and each of those classes have the choice of a few Professions.

Your character can experiment with the variations before making a final choice on the class and Profession you want.

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Arcanists Guild

Class profession choices under the Arcanists Guild
The Arcanists Class guild houses those that specialize in the arcane arts. Though most may be vulnerable to physical attacks, some have chosen to combine the Art of Magic with combat.
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Fighters Guild

Class Profession choices under the Fighters Guild
The Figthers Class Guild houses those that specialize in direct melee combat with their enemy. Though the weapons vary from Profession to Profession, each one has its own unique skill set.
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Rogues Guild

Class Profession choices under the Rogues guild
The Rogues Class Guild is more than just thieves. These are the Professions that have veered from the standard Classes. They tend to specialize and and work more in the shadows.
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Spiritualists Guild

Class Profession choices under the Spiritualists guild
Often thought of as Healers, the Spiritualist Class Guild Professions gain their power through their belief and faith in their chosen Deity. Life and death is often at their whim.
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What's New in Classes?

Arcanists Guild

Classes Overview

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In Dark Relic you can choose your class and choose your own profession after you have arrived in game. In the next several months we will start to show off some of the classes and professions you can try and select, as well as other choices that you make when…


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