To become a master diplomat you would want to put time in to Civics, and to become a master crafter, you would have to study the ways of crafting, through quests, trying your hand at creating items and taking your time.  Here is an overview of all 3 wards.

Adventuring Ward

Adventuring is the largest ward for the majority of players, it's built on solo, small and large group content. You have many choices through your time in Neithus; dungeons, exploration, slaying evil, finding shiny things. In essence, anything where the player is experiencing the world is adventuring.  As time goes by this section will gain several more in-depth explanations, articles on some of the dungeons, some of the characters within the world that you will meet and the enemies that you will need to defeat.

The core of the ward is your character's class/profession and choices you have made.  Whilst out Adventuring you naturally still gain progress in the other wards, and some quests within the world will use a mixture of wards, but these requirements are noted ahead of time.

Crafting Ward

The crafting ward covers many aspects and elements you can do within the game, we intend to have a system that doesn't just let you create items and then use them, but a system that allows you to create, upgrade, repair, salvage and refine.  In order to advance your Craft there will be tasks, player requests and even quests to help shape the world.

Crafting is done individually with the interface, however certain elements of the game may require crafted items from multiple sources giving some group content.

Civics Ward

Civics is a ward which is more associated with conversation, reputation and helping people out with diplomacy in the means you deem necessary.  Different cities and factions will have different reactions to your methods. Civics has its own quest lines and uses, enabling you to see adventures from different perspectives.

Most of the advancement through Civics is natural and through conversation, but you can become even more involved with the events if you ask about them and get involved.