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Dark Relic contains three major wards of progression; Adventuring, Crafting and Civics. As game-play features are created and released they will be placed in the relevant sections. Progression through the wards can be done in any order you wish, and they all increase naturally with each other.

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Explore, Quests and Raids
Adventuring is the most common aspects of games today. Explore the world, embark on an indepth quest, or just explore each of the continents of Neithus. The world is waiting for you.
Craft as you need or as a career
Crafting can be for the average adventuring through basic crafting, or become a Master Crafter as your trade in the world of Neithus. Interactive crafting is waiting for you.
Words can be as effecive as a sword
Tired of always fighting your way through? Civics is an engaging aspect of game play where you can barter, bribe or talk your way out of most situations. Are you a true Diplomat?

What's New in Game Wards?

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June 22, 2013 Adventuring 1778 Hits
To become a master diplomat you would want to put time in to Civics, and to become a master crafter, you would have to study the ways of crafting, through quests, trying your hand at creating items and taking your time. Here is an overview of all 3 wards.…


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