Welcome to the world of Neithus a land destined both for greatness and turmoil. Created by the Sleeping Goddess through which her children rule over, a world ripe for exploration and conquest by the inhabitants. Choose well your path throughout this world for decisions have consequences and those consequences for good or evil will be your reward.

The world of Neithus is divided into five lands surrounding an island in which the Gods of the land reside. Each land has its own unique terrain and culture brought to life from our own familiar history and legends. As you explore your new world you will come across stories as gilded as our own history, as well as the imagination of our creators. This is a new world young and rich in adventure and rewards.

Mostly desert, Abyomon starts off as a thin forest along the northern top and dwindle down to no more than oasis' dotting the land with palms of different types along with cacti.. A large river runs from north to south, palms, and smaller low growing plants from pineapple cactus to thorn flowers. The desert moves from a dark sandy grey to yellow sands in the middle and along the "dead lands" to a more white color sand along the east coast. Cliffs of sandstone dot the North West coast. A large oasis resides in the center of the land with a waterfall that flows out to the south. The majority of the cities are built from sandstone block structures, some have stucco to give a smooth look. Pyramids dot the land, from smooth in the east and south, to more stepped Toltec style in the west. Colors of green, blues and orange are predominate in most of the artwork and boarders around the buildings inside and out.

Nagamo is the land most south east in the world of Neithus. Thick forests and green swamps cover about half of the land. Lush and green, many communities are built in trees, stilts or along cliff sides and in caves. A few smaller waterfalls lead from the outside of the continent leading in towards the center where a large lake resides with a whirlpool in the center. Rock outcroppings can reach as high as a 10 story building and several of them have villages built around the base. Most houses are built from the native trees, rocks and mud. Though there are several Tent villages that dot the land. The three main cities are built around the rock formation outside of the swamps. The primary capital is on the north west side along the coast. This city is primarily created from ornate mud bricks and carved wood. The city is populated with trees and plants and blends in well to the background.

Along the east side of the world lays Terrum, a rather diverse continent. Front wetlands to the south to a colder climate with snow covered mountains in the north and east. Terrum is filled with forests and paths, including one huge ford running along the primary river from south west to north east. In the center of the continent lays a large mountain where several small waterfalls come down into the river. Thick forests surround the pool, and the river splits off in several directions, generally following the mountain line. Most of the buildings in the main cities have sharp angles, tall steeples and ornate glasswork. The closer to the main cities you get the more ornate the buildings become. Houses and small shops are made of dark grey to light grey bricks created from the clay found by the mountains. Mixed with mica the bricks have a glimmer to them. These are used on the more upper class buildings and temples. Carved wood dons most buildings in smaller cities and villages.

Morbien is the northern most part of the known world. The land ranges from dry to more polar around the northern most part of the continent. Cool to cold most of the year, the land goes from coastline in the south, to forests and snow/ice covered mountains in the north. The land is littered with large leaf trees, spruce, pines and cedars. The primary style structures are wooden long houses, stone structures and some with a combination of a Celtic, Norse, Viking style. The far east and west of the continent does have some influence in architecture from Tsumay to the south west and Terrum to the south east. The main city is made of grey to white stone blocks some are ornately carved with Celtic style knot work and animals.

Tsumay is the Western land of Neithus is a land of extremes. The climate goes from chilly along the north and in the mountains, to a high humidity in the valleys. To the south are beaches and plenty of sun and water. Some areas inland can be called jungles, as the large lush trees and giant mushrooms blanket the land. Palm trees dot the southern coast line. Muted colors of orange, reds and bronze highlight the pale wooden structures, where simple field stone is laid as foundation for most buildings.  The upper class have large pale blocks used as foundations and most of the buildings have red, orange or brown roof tiles. Each city has its own dais where the main house is located and the larger cities have training buildings in the same area.

Majice Isle is home to the gods and goddesses of this land. A dangerous place where both the terrain and the inhabitants will kill those who are unwary. A volcano island the size of a small continent where many a failed expedition and outpost lies in ruins. Tread not foolishly in this land for it will be your undoing.