thumb-terrum"Of course, leave it up to the big brute to think of his stomach first." Berra exclaimed. "Here we are in some strange city and all he can think of is food." She stood up and examined the room. "Well I am kind of hungry as well. Yet I do not see any food here. Perhaps we should venture out and check out the town. If anything, at least we can get something to eat." Cathos said. Everyone else nodded or grunted in agreement.

It has been quite a day for the party. They gathered up their meager gear and headed for the door. Pausing to see who would open the door first, Torrin stepped up front and turned the handle. The party was blinded by bright sunlight.

It was near noon when the party exited the small cave. Both of the suns were at full height. "Well, at least it looks like we did not miss lunch." Cathos said. The party walked the rest of the way towards the town in silence. Behind them was the cave, yet it was not as primitive as they had thought when they were inside. The stone was carved and looked like almost like an old crypt. This must have been an ancient dwelling at one time, Sharill thought to herself. Ahead of the party was a small narrow old brick road. Most of the bricks however were crumbling. It was apparent that not many traveled this road any longer. Though it was a short walk to the city gates. Berra was happy to see the suns finally. It had been at least a week since she last saw them. Rain clouds had covered the skies for what was too long in her opinion.

Trees and over growth covered the sides of the path, though it opened up once they reached the wall. About 10 yards to the left was the main city gate with two guards not so guarding it. They did not seem to be at alert, but instead casually sat along the side chatting and eating. The arched gateway appeared to be made from worked iron and some type of white stone. It did not appear to be marble in Sharills opinion and not as grand as at home. Yet, it was still pretty none the less. Cathos noticed small notches all along the wall on either side. "Perfect for climbing the walls" he thought to himself. The notches were spaced evenly from bottom to top, and there was a set on each section of the wall. However, on top of the white stone that stood at least 15 feet above them, he could see what looked like worked iron. "Aah, now that could prove difficult" Berra turned around and asked, "What would be?" she said with apparent confusion. "Oh, I said that out loud? I really have to stop doing that. Nothing, nothing at all." Cathos said blushing and grinned.