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World History and Lore of Neithus

Inside this section of the site, you can find both the lore of the world of Neithus and stories published by TGS staff and fan stories.

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The Prophecy

The Begining
In the region of Nagamo, an Avallis-vir seer had a dark vision of a time of war.

Torren of Isarue

A new race arrives
Exciled from their homeland, the Torren became refugees, only to land in Neithus.

The Dark Relics

The creation of the relics
A time of unsettled peace brings the gods to create the Relics, one for each Regent.

The Prelude

Wittnessed Wild Magic
Five people from different regions of Neithus begin their own adventure with a strange guide.

Community Lore

Lore from the Community
Read the creative stories created by our own community members, or sumbit your own.

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The Prelude pt 7: Into the light

August 04, 2013 The Prelude 2533 Hits
"Of course, leave it up to the big brute to think of his stomach first." Berra exclaimed. "Here we are in some strange city and all he can think of is food." She stood up and examined the room. "Well I am kind of hungry as well. Yet I do not see any food…


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