Game Basics


Dark Relic Game Guide: Game Basics

This section looks in to the basics of Dark Relic, you can find out about the world, it's inhabitants and their classes.  Each section goes in to more detail on the specifics.


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History and Lore

Full rich history and lore
Neithus is full of rich and deep history and lore.
Learn the history about the people of the world and how they got where they are.

Lands of Neithus

Multiple lands and continents
The world of Neithus is comprised of five continents. Find out about the world, environment and cultures of the world.

Game Wards

Different aspects of game play
Dark Relic has three basic Game Wards. Find out more about Adventuring, Crafting and Civics, and how they intertwine with each other.

Player vs Player

PvP and Majice Isle
Dark Relic Provides an aspect for most game play styles. Earn achievements as a Fighter in the field or as a crafter supporting your Regent.

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