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Social System Development

Dec 06, 2013 Hits: 404
Development on the social system has begun. We want to make sure that everyone has at their fingertips, easy to access lists of friends, group, guildmates, and more. A social system is what we…
neithus-abyomon map
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A sneak peek at Neithus

Nov 11, 2013 Hits: 715
Welcome to the first view of the world of Neithus and the lands of Abyomon, the desert region of our world. Some think of deserts as being completely devoid of life, but that is not the case if you…

Kickstarter Postponed

Sep 05, 2013 Hits: 385
Sometimes, things do not work out as we plan. This is the case for our Kickstarter Campaign. We had planned on going live the first week of September. However, things seemed to have changed with…

In the Press!

Aug 30, 2013 Hits: 888
A few articles about Dark Relic are starting to surface, we are thankful to everyone getting involved, and hope the support continues to grow and be just as encouraging. The build up to Kickstarter…
Dark Relic logo

First Official Press Release

Aug 05, 2013 Hits: 2398
Triad Game Studios is proud to announce our first official Press Release. We have released information to the HeroEngine community and have officially started our Grassroots campaign. Below is our…

Grassroot Campaign Begins!

Aug 05, 2013 Hits: 801
As of today we are happy to announce that we will be starting our grassroots campaign. Campaigns like these usually start out with a small localized community, with the intent to grow. This means…

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