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Something New Coming...

Nov 07, 2014 Hits: 88
The last two months we have been working on something special. Though we are not ready to announce what it is just yet, we do want everyone to know that we have not forgotten about you, nor is Dark…
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Server and Web Updates

Regisration Update

Aug 19, 2014 Hits: 468
It has been very quiet until recently. We love to have people join our community and partispiate on the forums and in the community, however, we have had an issue of spammers the last week. No one…
The Annex

Dark Relic Game Guide: Annex

Apr 27, 2014 Hits: 877
Dark Relic Game Guide: Annex The Annex is the warehouse of information to the game and it's mechanics, it could also be called the Game Manual. Within this section will be all of the articles needed…
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Community and website Updates

Apr 27, 2014 Hits: 826
Welcome to Dark Relic! At least that is how we hope you feel when coming to our site. We have done a lot of updates from security to features over the last month. With more features coming as we…
Server and Web Updates

Server and site updates meets the Bug!

Apr 23, 2014 Hits: 872
I was not sure if I should post this in the Server and Web updates or in the Community.This effects the small community we have right now, as well as the growing population we have. Because of the…
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Game Updates

Social System Development

Dec 06, 2013 Hits: 1179
Development on the social system has begun. We want to make sure that everyone has at their fingertips, easy to access lists of friends, group, guildmates, and more. A social system is what we…

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